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Hi, I'm Linda. The host of the Poetry Ponderings Podcast.

Thank you so much for being here.

I am excited to collaborate with writers around the globe in order to highlight their creativity and passion for poetry, prose, and verse.

The intention of the podcast is to provide a platform for published and unpublished writers in which interpretation, inspiration, and imagination can flourish. The pieces are vocalised by the writer and absorbed by the listeners in its raw, real and true form. The poem itself is left alone, rather than undergoing extensive analysis paralysis (there are plenty of other forums on the internet for that!). In my opinion, poetry has heavy stigmas attached and I aim to assist in unifying ourselves with our own creativity and flow.

Please join me on this journey and I do hope you thoroughly enjoy listening as much as I do.

Love Linda xx

All works remain the property of the producer and authors and may not be reproduced.

Aug 15, 2017


An imaginative and prolific writer, filmmaker and producer embracing a higher purpose to share the lessons of healing, freedom, and love. Born to be a communicator, James remains true to his path: as journalist, filmmaker, videographer, playwright, screenwriter, and simply an extraordinarily prolific e-mailer.


His first book, Starting Point; A Guide to Metaphysics, the Golden Time and Love, was initially published in 1989. Other books include Life Traveler, Tears, Breadcrumbs, The Honor Book, Preparing For the Best; A Guide to Global Changes for the Earth, the Society and You and Huh? The Joys, Sorrows and Comic Relief of Miscommunication. An author of 20 plays, 100 film/video productions and hundreds of articles and columns.

To find out more about James you can find details via his website and 



Thanks, as always, for listening xx


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Music introduction courtesy: "Sneaky Adventure" Kevin MacLeod ( and Background music behind poem "Yesterday On Repeat" by Vexento Both licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0