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Hi, I'm Linda. The host of the Poetry Ponderings Podcast.

Thank you so much for being here.

I am excited to collaborate with writers around the globe in order to highlight their creativity and passion for poetry, prose, and verse.

The intention of the podcast is to provide a platform for published and unpublished writers in which interpretation, inspiration, and imagination can flourish. The pieces are vocalised by the writer and absorbed by the listeners in its raw, real and true form. The poem itself is left alone, rather than undergoing extensive analysis paralysis (there are plenty of other forums on the internet for that!). In my opinion, poetry has heavy stigmas attached and I aim to assist in unifying ourselves with our own creativity and flow.

Please join me on this journey and I do hope you thoroughly enjoy listening as much as I do.

Love Linda xx

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Nov 1, 2017

Finally after technical glitches and family first requirements here she is. So very pleased to bring you my guest today. You can listen at or via your favourite listening device.

Some content may disturb some listeners. Within Australia please reach out by conta

Caroline Southwell helps women in business to ditch the 'shoulds' and say "I'm living 'My Life, My Way'". She's the speaker, writer & coach who will say what no-one else is brave enough to say, so you grow into the best version of you.
From the awkward school kid teased to no end, to the confident, loving woman she is today, Caroline has transformed her life beyond belief. And she loves nothing more than to help you do the same.
She's experienced physical challenges, both thrust upon her (like a crippling health condition in 2007) and ones she's chosen (completing 2x 100km ultra marathons). She knows what it's like to experience extreme physical discomfort, and come through the other end still smiling.

She's experienced mental challenges, from being diagnosed with ADD as a child, and learning to navigate a school system not designed for kids who need to move a lot, to those she has chosen (like training for and completing two ultra marathons!! Half the battle with races like these is the mental component!). She knows what it's like to experience huge levels of challenge in the mental realm, and has the courage to sit in those spaces to work through them.

She's experienced emotional challenges, both thrust upon her (with an old chronic pattern of sexual assault) and one she consciously chose (like when she later chose to process these experiences, find the lessons and re-enter the world of romantic relationships with men with renewed trust and faith in what's possible). She's walked through the fire of her own emotions and thus can sit with the heavy, dark emotions of others.

She's experienced spiritual challenges, both thrust upon her (growing up in a family with no strong faith, but just an attitude of questioning everything, that left her feeling lost without an anchor) and chosen (as she searched for something that made sense to her and would explain the world as she saw it. A search that brought her to a place of peace and love, finding Quantum Mechanics as the best explanation for the magic of spirituality). She's asked herself the hard questions, and through doing so has come to realise that beliefs are simply beliefs. They are not right or wrong, or even the whole truth. But they do make up an individuals truth and therefore their reality, so she realises more than most people, how deeply important it is to know what you believe. 

Caroline runs and uses it to fuel her love; helping entrepreneurs to love who they are, and to make the world a better place, starting with themselves. And she can do this, because she has, and continues, to walk this path herself.
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